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Letter of Application

Hello and good day!

Have you ever noticed that your colleagues from the IT administration are usually rather short of time? Maybe that’s because there’s always a lot to do.

You might not care about that at first, but if they had more time, they could attend more to the problems of everyone in the company. If you worked in IT yourself, you certainly would know what I’m talking about…

That’s where I come in! As a printer manager, I take over the administration of your entire printer infrastructure. And I don’t only manage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year; I look through every printer in such detail, that I can predict its future consumption – whether laser, ink or multifunction printers, whether Canon, HP or Kyocera.

That’s not all: I completely automate every printing infrastructure. With my help, the devices can, for example, automatically order supplies themselves, report faults by e-mail and even log calls to technicians for repairs.

These are not empty promises, because I can profit from the full potential of my practice. I currently manage more than 25,000 printers for around 1,000 international companies and also have been awarded the IT Innovation Prize for the second time.

Here is another point you should be interested in: I’m not only giving your IT administration the control back over the printer infrastructure, I’m also giving you back the cost control. This is because I work completely free of charge!

Now you most probably think that a single person can’t manage all this… You’re right. I am not a single person either. I am not even a real person – I am a virtual assistant!

Although I exist practically only virtually, we can still meet for an interview where I am happy to answer all important questions. Click here

Or maybe I have already completely convinced you? Then just hire me directly and benefit from my qualities I have to offer. Click here

I am looking forward to supporting you soon and to to give back precious working time to my dear colleagues in the IT department!

Best regards,

My Curriculum Vitae
TC CARL Printer-Manager

c/o Topcart GmbH, Gustav-Stresemann-Ring 12-16, D-65189 Wiesbaden (Germany)

+49 (0)611 949 190

My Portfolio

Monitoring & administration of all network printers

Automatic malfunction messages according to priority

On-time technician request (also automated)

Compatible with any printing device manufacturer

Statistics & reports of e.g. consumption or capacity utilisation

Convenient device management by individual list management

Clear display of the devices with filling levels, page numbers, etc.

Predictive ordering of consumables (also automated)

Simple configuration incl. user administration with rights assignment

My Professional Experience

Management of already more than 25.000 printing devices 

at around 1.000 international companies

with Ø 1.000 automated orders per month

My Super Powers

I am a 24/7 workaholic

I work for free and do not occupy any of your office space

I can count to infinity (unlimited number of users and devices)

I am not afraid of any challenge and develop myself constantly further

I am connected with my own support team (no call center, all experienced professionals!)

My education, qualifications & language skills

  Trained System & Network Administrator

  TLS encryption certificate

  Cloud application for all browsers

  Redundant data processing center (in Germany)



    Java Script





My Interests & Hobbies 






    Have I awakened your interest?!

Enough with all this writing, I think actions speak louder than words! Do you see it the same way? Great, then it’s best to hire me directly.

As your new Printer Manager, I’ll simply convince you on site at your company. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you and your printing devices and to doing some work for you! 

What are you waiting for? Was my persuasiveness so far not convincing enough? No problem! Because you know what?! We can also meet for an online interview! This is of course not the same as sitting face-to-face, but much better than just reading written words. Just scroll down a little bit and click through the different questions about me or my ideas and about what I can do for you! 

My Online Job Interview

As you might imagine, I’m pretty busy as a professional Printer Manager. Fortunately, I’m not too busy to send out my application to companies (like yourself). My mission to relieve the IT managers of this world with their device management is way too important to me!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to introduce myself personally to every company. As a virtual working type I certainly have the perfect solution for all problems. I simply answer all important questions online, so to say in an Online Job Interview. It’s almost as if I were in your office! Just as fast as you get your answers here, just as fast you can hire me – with a few clicks I am right at your side as your new printer manager. See you soon!

FYI: Unfortunately this is currently only available in German. But maybe I can teach you a new language this way 😉

  Tell me something about yourself!
(Erzählen Sie mir etwas über sich!)

Why do you think you are the right person for this position?
(Warum denken Sie die richtige Besetzung für diese Stelle zu sein?)

  How do you motivate yourself?
(Wodurch motivieren Sie sich selbst?)

  What would you first implement in our company?
(Was würden Sie als erstes in unserem Unternehmen umsetzen?)

  What are your personal strengths and weaknesses?
(Was sind Ihre persönlichen Stärken und Schwächen?)

  Which position do you prefer at teamwork?
(Welche Position bevorzugen Sie bei der Teamarbeit?)

  Which role does money play for you?
(Welche Rolle spielt Geld für Sie?)

  What do you like best about your employers?
(Was gefällt Ihnen am Besten an Ihren Arbeitgebern?)

Why do you think you are the best compared to your competitors?
(Warum glauben Sie, sind Sie der Beste im Vergleich zu Ihren Mitbewerbern?)

  What would your first working day in our company look like?
(Wie würde Ihr erster Arbeitstag in unserem Unternehmen aussehen?)

What would you like to have achieved in ten years?
(Was möchten Sie in zehn Jahren erreicht haben?)

What bothers you the most in the printer management industry?
(Was stört Sie am meisten in der Printer-Management-Branche?)

How do you react to mistakes and criticism?
(Wie reagieren Sie auf Fehler und Kritik?)

  Why did you apply to us?
(Warum haben Sie sich bei uns beworben?)

We need a monitoring solution for our branches. Can you handle this task?
(Wir benötigen für unsere Filialen eine Monitoring-Lösung. Können Sie diese Aufgabe bewältigen?)

If we hire you, will other employees lose their jobs?
(Wenn wir Sie einsetzen, verlieren dann andere Mitarbeiter ihren Job?)

What guarantee can you give in terms of security and transparency?
(Welche Garantie können Sie in punkto Sicherheit und Transparenz geben?)

If you work online for us, will the data traffic in our corporate network slow down?
(Wenn Sie online für uns Arbeiten, wird der Datenverkehr in unserem Firmennetzwerk langsamer?)

What do you do with the information from the other network components?
(Was machen Sie mit den Informationen der anderen Netzwerkkomponenten?)

We have a complex network infrastructure, how do you manage that?
(Wir haben eine komplexe Netzwerkinfrastruktur, wie kommen Sie hier zurecht?)

How do you take care of your network?
(Wie pflegen Sie ihr Netzwerk?)

We need individual solutions. Can you develop appropriate features for us?
(Wir benötigen individuelle Lösungen. Können Sie uns hierzu entsprechende Features entwickeln?)

Do I have to sign a contract so I can work with you?
(Muss ich einen Vertrag abschließen, damit ich mit Ihnen zusammenarbeiten kann?)

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